Thursday, January 25, 2007


So at long last the winter temperatures have arrived. Today it crossed over from cold into Damn Cold, and so I think to myself, you know, in Fredricton it's going to be -21 C tonight. In Quebec City? -25. Which really should put that -18 C we're supposed to get overnight into perspective. And besides, even though it's cold, it's not keeping us from some pretty sunsets, right?

Then there's the thesis which, as I go through and re-write what I printed off last term, makes me wonder if I'll do it well. No matter how well I write, how much will I have missed, how many books won't I have referenced, how many sources won't I have cited? And then as I go and pull out an old essay from 4 years ago to use for material I realize, as I'm re-writing that, just how much I've improved.

And then we have this sad, sad specimen of two weeks' worth of knitting:
That's a roll-brim toque (made to fit using the Yarn Harlot's recipe in Knitting Rules!), and one and 1/30th of a glove. The sad part is, I did most of the rest of the first glove months ago: it was re-doing the fingertips that took me three nights to fix. Half a thumb in one night, from me, who managed to knit a pair of size-13 men's socks in two weeks? I ask you. I don't think there's a relative coordinate system out there to make that into a good accomplishment.

But as the -15 C + wind chill hit me today I was eternally grateful for the Gryffindor House scarf I made last year, double thickness in Elann Highland Wool:
So relative to, say -15 C without the cozy knitting around my neck? Definitely something I can get behind.


Marianne said...

Beautiful sunset!
It's always a good thing....realizing we've gotten better at something.
I love the colour you're using for the toque and gloves, very pretty, just keep at it....
You do look all warm and cozy and protected in your knitted hat and that scarf is fabulous!
Take great care, stay warm and knit happily.

Sarah said...

Hope the weekend provided fruitful knitting time. Looks like you have grteat need of knitted items.