Friday, February 2, 2007

New Things

I've been migrating so much over campus this week that I only saw one library sunset. But it was a nice one:

It was another bit of a slow knitting week, but which did end up with one little Finished Object, which ain't no shame, right? This was Calorimetry, from the latest Knitty issue. I used up some stash yarn (a pile of Brunswick Yarns Sheepswool, worsted weight), out of the same I did the gloves and cap in. Have you ever seen a pattern and thought, this person has read my mind? Well, I've been searching for something to keep my head warm while I wear my hair up, since more often than not it's my bad hair day solution:

It didn't turn out completely perfect - it fits a little loose which may be my gauge or the yarn. The fit is also a little weird in that, in the solid colour it totally looks like a swim cap on my head, from the front. For real, it feels like it needs a huge pink flower stuck on it or something. But all in all, this pattern's a great knit. The short rows make nice little darts on the side, and it would be easily adaptable to a bulkier yarn with fewer stitches. And you could bust your stash by making one for you and everyone you know.

The real knitting adventures were last weekend, with a faboo visit from Kelly. We adventured down to Lettuce Knit and Romini Wools, and had a great time talking yarn, grad school, and life in general. In the process she and G pulled out all her books and magazine back issues and for some reason we started talking laceweight and shawls and then it was "oh, the Icarus shawl? oh yes I've got that pattern in last year's spring issue right over here..."

And then before you know it, at the end of Saturday afternoon I came home from Lettuce Knit with this:
Two skeins of Misti Alpaca laceweight baby alpaca, in the loveliest violet/pink/blue heather ever. Destined to be an Icarus. The lady at the shop even wound it all up for me. I went back three days later and got the needles to start it on. Which won't be until I've had a few things under my belt, like the current chunk of thesis stress, so I can start it from a Place of Calm and Good Intention. (But it's okay, you can say it. I've been drinking the Special™ Kool-Aid.)

For now, it'll sit happily in its baby, pre-formed state. I pinch its cheeks. Ooochie-cootchie-coo!


Sarah said...

Am starting to really like Calorimetry which didn't catch my eye at all in the Knitty issue. Yours is in a lovely colour.

Glad the knitters weekend was such fun and good luck with the Icarus shawl. Heard some talk about this from Knitty D and Wendy on their podcast from last summer.

Kelly said...

Wow, the Calorimetry turned out nice. And fast too!

I'm glad you posted little Icarus' baby picture. If you have the needles, it won't be long now! I'm tempted to start my shawl, but the list of deadline knitting is keeping me discilpined for now.

Thanks for a fun weekend!