Thursday, March 8, 2007

In Progress

(Hart House preens in the sunset)

It is some strange and unknown law of thesis-ing that any day in which writing exceeds my normal expectations, the next day I feel that much more mentally stunted and can barely drag two pages out my pen before being distracted by shiny things like, say, the new Knitty issue. For some reason, whether or not I have meetings or office hours or whatever else to fill the other half of the day, I get the same amount of pages written, and no more. It's like my brain stops. So I don't know why I can't have two! personal! best! days in a row, especially when today I got to sit in my sunny kitchen to do it, but at least I did other useful things like laundry and dishwashing and housecleaning.

Part of the culprit yesterday was when my fountain pen ran out of ink. Karma keeping me from writing that 7th or 8th page. At some point I'll have to drag my laptop around with me but for now I'm a more portable worker when all I need is my stack of paper to cart around and a table where I can sit with a beverage. The disadvantage of this is when the guy 10 tables over starts giving me the "STARE MUCH?" face when I lapse into staring unwittingly at the wall behind him as my train of thought coughs and sputters on its way into the station. I must look so sane these days.

Speaking of sanity, it's been brought to my attention recently that pursuing a project of knitted undies may be a sign I am, shall we say, Not Quite Right In The Head. The words "knitting intervention" may even have been bandied about. (Strangely enough, all these reactions have not come from Muggles non-knitters. They actually usually go "WAIT. You can knit underwear?!?", or "ooh, pretty pattern." Don't be hatin', my knittin' peeps...)

So after seconds of careful consideration, I can come up with:
1. But did you SEE the button loops and the ribbon-edge trim and the SHINY?
2. It's my Thesis Progress Reward so I'll Knit Crazy if I want to.
3. There are far, far worse knitting crimes to be committed. Like a People Cozy which, okay, the deepest depths of February cold almost drove me to knitting.
4. Think of the other things I could be wasting my time on. I mean, it's far less dangerous to my person than, say, trying to do a hole-in-one with a Creme Egg.
5. Go on, wouldn't you rather have a knitted nightie or Space Invaders socks instead? (I know I want 'em, ZOMG.)

And speaking of Creme Eggs, lookit what's going to help me through that last undies piece. Then I'll block it and see what I'm really in for.


Sarah said...

Ooh new Knitty issue - I'm off to have look.

Can't wait to see the undies!

Kelly said...

Portable thesis-writing - what a concept! Unfortunately I am chained to the computer, with constant need for EndNote and figure-drafting software.

The undies are looking very cute so far. I kinda like the idea myself. Have been pondering some of th nighties over at White Lies...

Marianne said...

Hey, I love that knitted nightie...although I don't think it'd get much use for sleeping in...perhaps under a sweater and skirt?
Write and knit on!