Saturday, March 10, 2007

Stumbling at the Finish

Oh my sisters, I thought I was going to have a finished 1930 to show today, but instead I have a tale of sadness. I finished up the pieces on Thursday, blocked them all out carefully and looked with much anticipation to the sewing-up, the finishing, the ooh-la-la... But then Things started to happen.

Thing 1: I have been unwittingly knitting with two different dye lots... because in my euphoria of stupidity, we'll call it, I forgot to check when I bought the yarn. It only didn't become apparent until I soaked the pieces to block them. Sure enough, right there, I had two huge stripes of dye mis-matches right across two of the undies panels.

Thing 2: The cotton is stretching, not a lot, but enough to be uncomfortable. At first I figured, nah, I can still save this. I'll see what I can do right after I spend the whole morning and most of the afternoon put a single-crochet edging on both the top and bottom pieces to sort out this small-but-uncomfortable amount of curling the stockinette is doing. And then I re-measured the bra band and found it had lengthened by almost 4-inches.

Thing 3: The fit is actually pretty fine overall, except for the size I picked. My measurements fell in between two sizes so I sized up. Wrong-o. When combined with the stretchiness, I'm gonna be left with some saggy granny-panties. Which isn't the feeling the pattern is going for, I think.

So I have now what G, who has been vicariously watching through this whole process, is calling a "little pile of sadness". The dye-lot problems I don't actually mind too much, but along with the rest it's a no-go. I'll have to rip it all out, and re-knit the bra band and undies in a smaller size, with some elastic thread for re-inforcement. When, I'm not sure.

I could start now and try to just get it off the WIP list (unfinished things are bugging me in thesis-life and knitting-life these days), or let it sit and go back to Icarus or the Brennan cardigan. The cardi has really been so patient. I started it almost a year ago, thought I would be finished ages ago, but it's been passed over for newer sexier more glamourous knitting. The gals are coming over tonight for dessert & drinks. Time to consult the hive mind.


Marianne said...

Ms.M, I am so sorry to see your 'little pile of sadness', that just feels wrong.
I'll be patiently waiting for the hive consensus.

Kelly said...

Oh no! You were making such fast progress on it too! Best of luck with it whatever you decide to do.