Tuesday, May 1, 2007

At last.

Time to cue up the Gershwin. Look who's blocking:

...and blocking. And blocking. Sheesh. Won't you dry, wool? But anyhow. Another day to sit, two wee pockets and some buttons and that sucker's finally a FO..

I'll now channel my euphoria at using up that stash by going on an imaginary shopping spree. And get back to 1930, now that it's had time to think about its crimes.


Sarah said...

Looking good and I'm sure that's not her best angle

Kelly said...

Nice to see it all in one piece. I'll bet it's going to be a beauty!

Lady O said...

YEAH!! Finished!! It looks lovely - and the weather is still cool enough AM and PM to maybe get some wear out of it.

Stash shopping is wonderful!

Marianne said...

She's a beauty for sure, (dry! dry!) really looking forward to seeing it completely finished out and photo op!