Sunday, June 17, 2007


(Bloor Street lights up the R.O.M.'s new Crystal.)

So, is this what it's like to actually move on from the ghosts of old WIPs and start something new? Boy howdy. I should do this more often.

Thing 1, the Smart Capitals sock, is moving on and has turned its heel flap. Now I'm on to the gussets, which I'm finding pretty damn trippy on a toe-up. Look at this little thing. It's like a sock that had its leg bit off, going all bottom-up. Cool. I still really love the way the colours are pooling.

Thing 2 is the hourglass pullover which I cast on on Wednesday. Why hadn't I tried a stockinette pullover in the round before? It's crack-tastic. You can take it anywhere. Knit under any conditions. Awesome. I'll give the hem a good blocking eventually to see if I can't keep it from wanting to flip up.

Icarus also has one row of feathers. Which is totally progress. I will now pet its lifeline thread very, very lovingly.


Marianne said...

Mmmmm, that sock yarn is delicious looking and oh yeah, baby, stockinette sweaters in the round!

Icarus....yes, I would definitely call that progress!

Amanda said...

That sock yarn is lovely. What is it? Congrats on making it to the feathers, I was pretty pleased with myself when I managed that feat.