Wednesday, June 20, 2007

London, baby.

Now that the draft is behind me, the next stage of the game? Is a completely strange and new concept to me, which is Taking A Trip Somewhere And Doing Fun Things (Even If Some Of It Is For A Conference). I left for the airport at 5pm EST yesterday, it's now 6:30pm GMT. I think I've slept a grand total of 1 hour on the flight but somehow there was enough to power myself through a walk through of Covent Garden and the highlights of the British Museum this afternoon.

There will be more words and explanations later, but I believe I may have typed this using only the powers of The Force, a Dairy Milk Creme Egg bar, and some tea.

G helpfully told me on HER first night in London, last year, she lasted til midnight before checking out. ("BEAT THAT, SUCKER.") Yeah, well, just you look out, missy, 'cause I sure... zzzzzzzz.


Marianne said...

Oh, how two.

Looking forward to hearing all about it, have a great time!

Sarah said...

Yey for a visit to the UK. Look forward to lots more of your lovely photos.