Sunday, June 3, 2007

So... June?

(A rare sunny moment this week at U. Sask.)

June's off to a roaring start. In the last week, the following things have gone kaput:
1) The DVD player. (On warranty - still needs replacing)
2) The cable/internet. (Fixed now)
3) The car. (Battery + alternator. WHILE IN TRAFFIC. Fortunately, fixed.)

Fortunately, May ended with a bang. I had a busy few days in Saskatoon, seeing a whole lot of the U. Sask. campus. (More pics up here.) Not least of the excitement was getting to view the synchrotron. Now that is a heck of a thing. In my end of the biz we write and talk and think and say all kinds of things about science and theory and practice and the meaning of it all, but we hardly ever spend time in the places where science gets done. It was the ideal example of interdisciplinarity in modern science: as an instrument, it's a work of physics and engineering. But the people who use the synchrotron study particles and problems in chemistry, biology, medicine, geology, technology, industry, forensics, you name it. And it only cost $150 million dollars!

(Schematic, showing the accelerator ring and beamlines)

For a travel project I started a new sock. It's the "Smart Capitals" pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. Toe up, lacy, with an 8-row repeat (just enough to be exciting, small enough to be remember-able). It was flashbacks to the "Branching Out" scarf as I struggled through the first two pattern repeats, tinking back row after row, counting and crossing my fingers I'd have the right number of stitches left on each row. Then it started to click and soon the colours were pooling nicely.

I don't know the name of this Lorna's Laces colourway but it's muy pretty, like flowers. I've started the heel flap (how's a toe-up heel flap, for breaking the knitter brain?) but will probably keep this on standby for a while as I finish the re-knit of 1930 and get a few more discloths in. (Marianne, thanks for the info about the mini ones!) Next I have my eye on the Hourglass pullover from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts to bust some of my tiny yet guilt-ridden stash with.

I need to have a thesis draft ready in 2 weeks. And Icarus is 2 rows away from the feathers. Hold me.


Marianne said...

Consider yourself held.

You had quite a lot happen, breaking down, getting fixed (this is always a good thing)...and whoa..... the synchrotron...quite amazing...
Your socks are beautiful, I agree, colours very yummy...
I'm making a Branching Out scarf right now with that kidsilk haze, talk about slippery...
Mmmmm, the Hour Glass pullover, fabulous choice.

Amanda said...

I love that sock, it looks great. Glad to hear that Icarus is coming along, I still have a ways to go before I start the feathers.

Sarah said...

Great choice of pattern from SKS - I really fancy that one but am so far too scared because of the toe-up ness. I am hoping my sock course will help me through the fear of the toe-up.

Lady O said...

what a month!!

The sock looks great! Have you done toe up before? What is your feeling about that method?