Friday, July 27, 2007


(Sun hides behind the trees in Churchill Park.)

In the process of moving and packing and getting through the things that need doing, I've been a pretty transient person over the last couple of weeks. Most of my stuff is still in the apartment I'm moving out of, my clothes and a few handy-access items are at the place where I'm house sitting, and other things are gradually getting packed up and moved to holding areas. Little things start falling through the cracks. (Where did that hairclip go? Did I lose my other flash drive? Where's my change purse, I knew I had it yesterday afternoon when I paid for that parking meter... And why can't I find enough socks?)

Going back and forth between TO and Hamilton did give me a fun chance last weekend to revisit some hiking trails we used to walk all over as kids and teenagers. Catching up with my grad friend S, we started in Churchill Park and took a good walk down to Princess Point. The weather was perfect, we caught some nice views, and caught up on department goings-on. Somehow grad student stuff is a lot easier to commiserate on, when you can do it in that kind of space.

My supervisor's doing some uprooting of his own after retirement. This week my job as RA was to clear the remaining books out of his office, but not before the grads had a chance to take their pick of the litter. The rest is now packed in boxes, waiting to be shipped off to the bookstore to find a new lease on their book-ly lives. Me and my shoulders will be doing some stretching in the meantime.

And hey, look, I did some knitting too.

That's one Smart Capitals sock and the toe of the second (awww. lookit da little toe!) ready to get started. I came to Lettuce Knit night again this week and finished the first. Since I fear Second Sock Syndrome with a mighty and powerful dread, I had to start the second one then and there. Because I was not foresighted enough to photocopy the cast-on instructions this involved having to remember and reverse engineer a provisional cast-on for the toe. It may have involved some gibbering and weeping. Then Em sorted out my really lousy crochet enough to rip back the live stitches and all was well.

Also thanks to Dr. Steph for this handy toe-up tip: when figuring out the length for the leg, go as far as it will take to match the length of the foot when folded over at the heel. This one worked out poifectly.

Last is the hourglass pullover which would be going along gangbusters if I'd only just sit down and knit the sucker. Body, one sleeve, and the second one started. It's knitting up great, and I can't wait to block it and wear it. I might even have enough worsted-weight in the stash to get a second one out, here's hoping. (Oh, and that other thing? A £2 Rosetta stone pencil case souvenir from the British Museum. It's the perfect size for knitting accessories. If I'd bought nothing else on the whole trip, that tiny little souvenir would have still made this knitter happy.)

Oh my. Is that the time?


Glenna C said...

Churchill Park! And hiking trails! OOOh, I can't wait to be able to go back there again, it would be so fun.

Yay knitting! That HG pullover will be done before you know it. Pay no attention to the moving van behind the curtain...

Lady O said...

The pictures are soo pretty (who knew Hamilton was that lovely?!)

The sock is too cute! And the pullover is looking good (I sat and knit (knat?) all week and after 2 full days I'm still working on the leg of a knee high so yeah for you having an actual sweater to show for your efforts - the world doesn't need to know how long it took!)

Sarah said...

Hope you get through the transition without too much pain. Love the sock, good work on getting straight on to number 2.